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Chronicles of Creativity: Time-Traveling Arts Night

Chronicles of Creativity: Time-Traveling Arts Night

Despite the sprinkling rain outside in the early hours, a vibrant sea of Silicon Valley International (INTL) parents, teachers, students, and alumni flooded Cohn Campus on Saturday, December 2nd, infusing the hallways with excitement for this year’s Arts Night. The campus transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors, with the entrance, hallways, Bean-O’Sullivan Media Hub, and the entire first floor adorned with imaginative works of art, each created by INTL Preschool to 10th Grade students.



INTL student touches a dinasour fossil in the prehistoric entrance display at Arts Night.

"Time Travel" Unveiled - A Journey Through Eras
The theme for this year's Arts Night, "Time Travel," served as a captivating portal for students, parents, and event-goers alike, transporting them both backward and forward in time through an array of spectacular and creative art pieces. Parents were especially impressed by the educational angle of the theme, providing a unique opportunity for students to explore and broaden their perspectives.

One INTL parent said, “My favorite part is the artwork for sure. Just going around to the different rooms and seeing all of the wonderful artwork that all of the different classes have made. And, the decorations and all of the work that have gone into making the event tonight have been really inspiring.”

INTL Middle Schoolers pose for a photo at Arts Night.

Beyond the theme, Arts Night holds multifaceted significance for students, parents, and alumni. For parents, it's a night of celebration, showcasing the incredible creativity of their children. Many were blown away by the artistic skill level of the students, marveling at how they could construct such elegant pieces at a young age.

An eye-opening exhibit of the night featured a robotic dog, presented by a parent from Boston Dynamics and his son. A testament to the advancement of artwork into the future, this display left parents in awe. Another parent exclaimed, “The art here, I mean, you look at it and it’s very well done and professional-looking. It’s just amazing the type of art that the kids can create at this age.”

Robot dog on display for the crowd at Arts Night.

Community Bonds - Connecting Across Generations
Arts Night consistently draws both first-time parents and veteran attendees, fostering connections within the INTL community. As these connections deepen, events like Arts Night gain significance, evolving into opportunities for updates and camaraderie. For students, Arts Night is an artistic journey through the campus, immersing them in educational displays created by their peers, each piece accompanied by insightful descriptions.

Arts Night provides students with a unique platform to showcase their hard work to parents and classmates. Creating these masterpieces is a meticulous process, but the payoff is worth it. The spotlight is solely on the students, demonstrating what they have learned, the diverse mediums of expressive art, and how it has shaped their school experience.

Parents and students viewing the art in the halls of Cohn Campus.

The INTL community, including alumni, reunites during Arts Night. Graduates like Amar cherish the memories of creating art and seeing it presented at this grand event. “My favorite part back when I was a student was creating the art and spending weeks and months just working on the project and then seeing it presented at this big event.”

Parents express their admiration and gratitude for the school's dedication in making Arts Night possible. Another INTL parent mentioned, “It’s always a joy to see the artwork of our son, but we also love the creativity and the hard work and effort that the school has put into an event such as this one. So, it’s a joy to just walk around and see all the different classes.”

Impact Beyond Art - Academic and Familial Excellence
As the evening concludes, the positive impact of Silicon Valley International extends beyond the artistic realm, leaving an indelible mark on parents both academically and as a close-knit family. Mica, an INTL parent, encapsulates the sentiment: “We absolutely love Silicon Valley International. It is an amazing not just academic experience but a familial experience as well.” The journey through time at Arts Night echoes the school's commitment to nurturing a vibrant and enriching environment for its students and community.

Families pose for pictures at Arts Night.


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