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Seventh Graders Build a Dodecahedron!

Seventh Graders Build a Dodecahedron!

Just before Spring Break, the 7th grade French math students worked together to build a huge 3-D dodecahedron.

A dodecahedron is a convex, regular polyhedron with 12 pentagonal faces.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.15.34 PM

First, students had to figure out how to draw the largest possible pentagonal faces on the cardboard we were using as our building material. Then, they cut out the pentagons, and began the complex process of assembling them into the dodecahedron.

IMG_0685IMG_0682IMG_0680IMG_0683IMG_0689By working together, the students were able to create the large 3-D dodecahedron you see here, complete with decorations on each side.


Great job 7th 1 !


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