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INTL Students Take Top Honors at 38th Annual Mandarin Speech Contest

INTL Students Take Top Honors at 38th Annual Mandarin Speech Contest


The winners of the 38th Annual Mandarin Speech Contest, sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California, have just been announced! Our Chinese Program students’ hard work has paid off – several INTL* students and one INTL alumna took top honors.

First Place: 

  • Christine H., 3rd Grade
  •  Elizabeth M., INTL Alumna (8th Grade 2012)

Second Place:

  • Kasper H., 1st Grade
  • Evelyn Z., 2nd Grade
  • Azalea W., 4th Grade
  • Sierra M., 5th Grade
  • Ashley V., 6th Grade

Third Place:

  • Thomas R., 1st Grade
  • Lowell K., 2nd Grade

Honorable Mention:

  • Emily C., 1st Grade
  • Ajax F., 1st Grade
  • Derrick H., 1st Grade
  • Kevin Y., 1st Grade
  • Victoria C., 2nd Grade
  • Mandi L., 2nd Grade
  • Burton L., 2nd Grade
  • Aaron Y.,  2nd Grade
  • Charlotte F., 3rd Grade
  • Hannah K., 3rd Grade
  • J. Z. K., 4th Grade
  • Claire L., 4th Grade
  • Nicholas M., 4th Grade
  • Alexandra S., 5th Grade
  • Katie C., 6th Grade
  • Alexander S., 6th Grade

INTL is very proud of all the winners and participants!

Check out our previous blog for a more detailed account of our students’ preparation for this challenging contest. INTL Blogs: Mandarin Speech Presentations - Congratulations to our Talented Speakers!

*In 2020, the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) formally changed its name to Silicon Valley International School (INTL) to better reflect its bilingual programs, location, and international values.

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