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Gala 2016: INTL Community Roars into the ‘20s and Surpasses Itself in Generosity!

Gala 2016: INTL Community Roars into the ‘20s and Surpasses Itself in Generosity!


The energetic, effusive spirit of the 1920s came to INTL*’s Annuals Gala and Auction last night, bringing with it a night of raucous fun and lavish generosity. By the end of the evening, our community had come together to raise a record amount for the school.

DSC_0327The night began as guests walked through a twinkling Art Deco arch, greeted by life-size statues of 1920s luminaries like Louis Armstrong and Josephine Baker. Everyone embraced the Roaring into the ‘20s theme, and it was so fun to see our parents and teachers dressed in their finest, helping to set the perfect swanky tone for the evening.

Our mothers sparkled in beaded and fringed gowns, accented with jeweled or feathered headpieces. Our fathers were also up to the challenge, sporting sharp suits or tuxedos, with fedoras and wingtip shoes.

During the cocktail hour, parents, faculty, and alumni parents caught up with each other as they sipped gin rickeys and enjoyed the accompaniment of a live jazz band.

DSC_0346The jazz band was just the beginning of the great entertainment the night had in store. To kick off the live auction, we were treated to performances of “All that Jazz” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz” from talented INTL parent Laure de Marcellus Lampe and INTL Alumna Leila Milki. In addition to this performance, Leila, a talented professional singer-songwriter, was also honored with the night’s INTL Rising Star alumni award.

DSC_350The live auction began with a special new highlight – the awarding of the “Golden Paddle,” granting the winner $5,000 towards any auction bid. The winner was INTL parent Stephen Mayo, whose good luck kicked off an incredibly winning and generous night for his entire table. The table was also buoyed by the enthusiastic spirit of Mayo's wife, Mica Eades, throughout the evening. The golden paddle win energized the table to also bid high for the first lot, “Start with a Shot – Instant Gratification,” awarding the table 10 shots of Booker’s Kentucky Bourbon and cigars. The table proceeded to bid on and win a Maui vacation, Night of Wild West and Whiskey, and more! This single table raised a remarkable $60,000 for the school! I was blown away by their generosity.

DSC_0495Another highlight of the evening was the Fund-a-Need, raising money for professional development for our teachers to give them the skills they need to introduce dynamic inquiry learning into their classrooms. Parents clearly understood how important academic evolution at INTL would be for their children, and they supported the lot enthusiastically, raising $112,000 for this year’s Fund-a-Need.

After the live auction concluded, the anticipated parents’ dance began. Twenty flapper moms and dapper dads impressed us with their energetic take on the Charleston. It was really touching to see parents from both our programs come together to create this fun moment for our guests.

DSC_0659Thinking back on the night, I truly could not be more grateful for or more impressed by this community, who pulled together to raise an unprecedented $220,000 for INTL. Of course, the event would never have been such a success without all the hard work from our dedicated Gala Chair, Tania Hauradou, who devoted countless hours to this labor of love. Thank you so much, Tania!

I would also like to give my sincere thanks to everyone who attended Gala, all the parent volunteers, and everyone who contributed to the unprecedented success of this year’s live auction. Thank you!

 *In 2020, the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) formally changed its name to Silicon Valley International School (INTL) to better reflect its bilingual programs, location, and international values.

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