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Arts Night 2021:  Adventure!

Arts Night 2021: Adventure!

Arts Night is back!  This cherished event and tradition returned in full force this year, welcoming our families to see the vast range of artwork from our students, PS-10th grade. Just in time for the holidays, our community embarked on a journey where they were swept away to a new world of imagination!

On this voyage, you’d arrive to face a shimmering sea—filled with fish and inhabited by a ferocious shark. As you walk along the torch-lined path, you could spot an island off the port side, an island that held a hoard of pirate treasure and the night’s theme: Adventures.ArtsNight1-SMAfter walking through the hanging vines and verifying proof of vaccination, you’d see that the Cohn Campus you’ve known and loved had changed… into an art gallery!

Guests delved into a long corridor lined with artwork from INTL’s very own students! There were visions of exciting landscapes, paintings of gorgeous sunsets, painstakingly-crafted artifacts, and a student-made representation of the Berlin Wall.ArtsNight2-SmAttendees traveled through the media hub, where they got to see the wild creativity of the PS, PK, and Kindergarten students.ArtsNight3-SMOff the main path were rooms containing darkened galleries that showcased student creativity in the most advantageous manner. Within, there were sculptures, large-format artwork, interactive projects, glow-in-the-dark sculptures lit by UV light, even videos and video games!AErtsNight4-SMEveryone enjoyed viewing the huge spectrum of artwork thanks to the wide range of grades that participated, and the sheer amount of diversity and creativity was something to behold!ArtsNight6-SMFor many parents, this wasn’t just seeing the students’ art; this was seeing a part of their daily lives. Since the pandemic began, safety restrictions have made it challenging to show off our school or the students’ hard work. So, not only was this a great social event, but it was a wonderful way to become part of your children’s school lives.

And, of course, our students were so proud of their art. They were thrilled to show their parents and friends the projects that they’ve been working diligently on.

After viewing the art, our guests enjoyed social time in the MPR. For many students, this became their favorite part. The minute they saw the colorful lights racing around the floor, children would run out, laughing and cheering as they chased and dodged the spotlights. They had so much fun!ArtsNight7-SMOur families loved Arts Night! It was clear that the attendees were excited that INTL’s cherished holiday tradition had returned. Everyone mentioned how they were looking forward to coming back again next year (especially if it will be safe enough to have food and Champagne by then).

And this year, we had a considerable number of alumni show up! It was fantastic getting to welcome former students back to Cohn Campus. They loved getting to see their INTL teachers and friends again, and they were so impressed and excited by the work of the current students. Some of them even told us that they’d like to volunteer for next year!

ArtsNight8-SMOf course, none of this would have been possible without our fantastic community! To our dedicated volunteers, who contributed many hours working tirelessly to transform the campus; to our teachers who prepared and shared the incredible artwork of their students; and to our upper-school student volunteers who helped check everyone’s proof of vaccination, thank you!

And we’d like to give an extra special thanks to Anne-Sophie Gaudet, Adam Jackrel, Birgit Schweingruber, Elisabeth Lepert, Haiying Yang, Ina Berenger, Jacques-Olivier Fine, Matthieu Roques, all of the PS/PK and Kindergarten Teachers, and our Arts Night Chair, Amanda Patterson.

Love Arts Night? Support INTL and help us give our students the exceptional art education they deserve. Please donate to the Arts Endowment Fund by December 31st.




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