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Beyond the Classroom: Exploring Upper School Activities at INTL

Beyond the Classroom: Exploring Upper School Activities at INTL

Silicon Valley International School (INTL) fosters well-rounded individuals. Alongside academics, a vibrant program of clubs and activities offers students a space to explore passions, develop new skills, and build friendships.

Two upper school students reciting lines for a play in drama club.

During lunch and after school, students choose from a variety of clubs led by both students and faculty. These cater to diverse interests, from creative spaces for budding artists and dancers to delving deeper into academic subjects. This fosters a love of learning beyond the classroom while honing leadership, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills – all essential for future success. Clubs also build a sense of community, with INTL students attending events like the Yale University Model UN conference alongside peers from other schools.

Beyond traditional offerings such as drama, band, yearbook, and INTL’s two student newspapers, the school encourages student initiative in founding new and innovative clubs. If a student has a unique passion, they are welcomed and encouraged to propose or start a new club. Many of the most popular offerings are student-led ideas including: Dungeons & Dragons, Wings of Fire Book Club, crocheting, and cinematography.

A team photo of the 7th and 8th Grade boys basketball team after a game.

The athletics program, offered in both Middle and High School, is constantly expanding. It emphasizes participation, skill-building, and good sportsmanship, ensuring a positive experience for all students, regardless of athletic ability.

Middle Schoolers compete in the SSIL league against other independent Bay Area schools, offering a fun and supportive environment for various sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, cross country, tennis, and golf. High School students participate as associate members of the CIF, competing in sports like girls' volleyball and boys' basketball.

Two high school students painting a roof as part of their Round Square service trip to Guatemala.

INTL is part of the Round Square community, a network of schools dedicated to developing global citizens. Through Round Square, students participate in international exchanges, conferences, service projects, and research opportunities around the world. These experiences broaden horizons, foster intercultural understanding, and equip students with the skills to thrive in an interconnected world. This year, student trips have been planned for Costa Rica, Kenya, and the UK.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program allows high schoolers to design their own personal growth program. Students set goals, choose activities, and embark on adventurous journeys. This internationally recognized program helps students push their boundaries and discover their full potential empowering them to achieve their personal best.

Students backpacking up a mountain as part of their Duke of Edinburgh experience.

As a part of INTL's signature programs, the robust clubs, activities, and service programs create a vibrant environment where students can explore their interests, forge lasting connections, and cultivate a set of well-rounded skills that are essential for thriving in college and beyond.

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