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Unlocking the Global Language of Math

Unlocking the Global Language of Math

At Silicon Valley International School (INTL), language education goes beyond INTL’s bilingual immersion programs in Chinese, French, and German. At INTL, students delve into universal languages such as art, music, and even math. Math, like any language, has its own set of symbols, rules, and structures. Math is so much more than just numbers on a page. It's a powerful language that can help to communicate complex ideas, solve problems, and explore the world around us. 

In INTL’s Upper School, the rigorous math curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation for all students throughout the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). INTL focuses on a deep understanding of concepts, empowering students to hone their logical, abstract, and critical thinking as they develop their mathematical mindset. They learn to represent information, model situations, identify patterns, and communicate their findings clearly and logically.

DP math students working at their desks.

Recognizing that students have different interests and aspirations, in the DP program,  INTL offers two sections of Mathematics: analysis and approaches (AA). Math AA focuses on developing a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and solving abstract problems in real-world contexts. Students hone their communication skills through constructing and justifying arguments, while gaining valuable insight into mathematical structure. 

Students can take their class at either the Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL). For those students who have a heightened interest in math or want to further their studies in a field that relies heavily on math, the HL class offers those students a chance to study the concepts and problems at a greater depth and breadth.

Two middle school female math students working together at their desk.

Both levels include calculus and statistics, at varying levels, as well as opportunities for independent exploration. Students can pursue their own mathematical inquiries, applying their knowledge to their passions. In past years, students have taken the opportunity to mathematically analyze musical chord progressions or investigate mathematical applications in Formula 1 racing.

Mathematics at INTL fosters both inquiry and real-life implementation, assisting students in building problem-solving skills that go beyond the classroom. Silicon Valley International School’s inquiry-based curriculum seeks to prepare students to use math not only in their studies but also in their daily lives. It seeks to provide all students with the knowledge and comprehension of concepts, allowing them to discover how math relates to different subjects and ideas.

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