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Confidence, Creativity & Culture: The Power of Performing Arts at INTL

Confidence, Creativity & Culture: The Power of Performing Arts at INTL

At Silicon Valley International School (INTL), 8th Grade students recently captivated audiences with a mesmerizing evening of music and drama, skillfully weaving together their bilingual talents in Chinese, French, and German with their acting abilities. At INTL, art isn't just an extracurricular activity—it's an essential part of education, fostering creativity, self-expression, and effective communication. Drama, in particular, serves as a powerful tool for students to explore diverse perspectives, empathize with others, and delve into the complexities of the human experience.

The annual INTL 8th Grade Play celebrates the benefits of bilingual education for middle schoolers while showcasing students' remarkable proficiency and their ability to interpret intricate texts with artistic flair. Culminating in performances in multiple languages, each act is a testament to their unwavering dedication, tireless effort, and profound passion for language acquisition.

INTL Band: This year, the stage lit up with the debut of the INTL Band, made up of students from throughout the Upper School, setting the tone for a spectacular evening with a trio of songs performed in each of the target languages. The German segment kicked off with "Einmal um die Welt" by Cro, followed by a rendition of "Je veux" by Zaz in French. Nancy S. then captivated the audience with a solo performance of the Chinese song "橄榄树" (Olive Tree) by Chyi Yu, bringing the musical journey to a close. This start of the show by the band showcased how music transcends linguistic barriers and serves as a universal form of expression.

Three photos of the different musical performances (French top left, Chinese top right, German bottom)

"Tschick" by Wolfgang Herrndorf: In the German segment, students took the audience on a riveting journey with an adaptation of "Tschick" by Wolfgang Herrndorf, a narrative steeped in the essence of teenage rebellion and self-discovery. Through their vibrant performances, they breathed life into the characters, navigating the complexities of adolescence, identity, and freedom with aplomb.

Three photos of the German performance (right a scene in the doctors office, top right the family dinner, bottom right the teens in a car).

"Le Molière Imaginaire" based on "The Imaginary Molière" by Sylvie Mesa: In the French segment, students embarked on a creative exploration of the life and works of the legendary French playwright Molière. The performance offered a glimpse into the playwright's world, weaving together historical anecdotes, characters from his plays, and his innermost musings. This imaginative presentation cast a fresh light on Molière's enduring legacy, inviting the audience to rediscover the richness of French theater.

Three photos from the French performance (left the policewoman, top right the ensemble, bottom right the king)

"女兒國" Adapted from "Journey to the West": The Chinese segment unfolded scenes from Chapter 53 of "Journey to the West". As the monk Tang Sanzang and his disciple, Zhu Bajie, journeyed through unfamiliar terrain, they encountered the Mother-Child River, leading to unexpected transformations. The scenes, infused with humor and moral lessons, offered a glimpse into the fantastical realm of Chinese folklore, inviting the audience on a whimsical adventure.

Three photos from the Chinese performance (top left the group on the journey, bottom left the monk, right the introductory speech)

INTL’s 8th Grade Play is not only a showcase of students' bilingual talents but also a testament to the profound educational significance of drama. Through intense rehearsals, students honed crucial skills such as confidence, collaboration, and critical thinking, while also delving into text interpretation, character embodiment, and persuasive communication. Drama emerged as a transformative catalyst, encouraging students to embrace creativity, take risks, and venture beyond their comfort zones. The evening reaffirmed drama's pivotal role at INTL, emphasizing its commitment to nurturing confident communicators, empathetic individuals, and culturally astute citizens

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