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ISTP From an OutSiders Glace by Val Harhager

When first approaching the International School of the Peninsula, you first see the beautiful multi-colored building with a fantastic playground for these lucky children. Once inside the school the wonderful multi-colored walls continue throughout making this school, unlike most eggshell white schools like something in that should be in past. With the students artwork lining the hallways you can see the creativity ooze out of these walls.

Not only would the fun vibe of the school make you want to enroll your child in this French and Mandarin immersion school, but the children themselves are outgoing and so polite. With only 10-17 children per class you can see these children are being molded into attentive, creative, and brilliant adults.

Fostering bilingual leaders with boundless futures.
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An International Baccalaureate education from preschool to high school.