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What's Going On In These Halls?

When visting the International School of the Peninsula it becomes obvious right away that this is no ordinary school. It's not just the immersion programs of French and Chinese. It isn't the campus and the building that looks clean and new. What sets this place apart is the students.

The lifeblood of any school is its student body and ISTP is vivacious. It's seen in the art that adorned the walls, created by the kids here with such themes as cities and place, drawn with skill and care, colored and filled with  imagination. And it's heard in their talk as they work on things together, and their silence as they are diligently finishing an in-class project.

Another thing that shows the nurturing learning and the one that stands out to me environment are the student ambassadors.  When you enter a classroom, a student will immediately find their way to you, and though maybe too shy to say something at first, they then introduce themselves and talking about what it is they are up to as a class. I had the privilege of meeting a couple of these bright young students in different classes, and though both weren't sure how to approach the strange, bearded man standing on their threshold, they answered the questions asked and were eager to make sure their class had been represented the way any learning environment should be.

I was thoroughly impressed with the students and how they represent their school. Not just in their art and work on the walls but in their conduct in and around their classmates, teachers, and even me, a total stranger.

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