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Bringing the Sweet Tradition of Galette des Rois to INTL

Bringing the Sweet Tradition of Galette des Rois to INTL

At Silicon Valley International School (INTL), cross-cultural traditions continued with the exciting celebration of the traditional French holiday of Galette des Rois. For those who may not be familiar, Galette des Rois is a celebration that marks the Feast of the Epiphany and is typically celebrated in France on January 6th. The holiday is celebrated by eating a special pastry called a "galette des rois" which is a round, flat cake made from puff pastry and typically filled with frangipane (almond cream), apple, or chocolate. Not only is the celebration an opportunity to share a delicious pastry, but it also provides an opportunity for our students to learn about and appreciate different cultures and traditions. 

A table of galette's ready to serve the students during the lunch time celebration.On Friday, January 13th, students on both INTL campuses took part in the celebrations as parent volunteers served homemade galettes to all after lunch. All the pastries were made by families throughout the INTL community, bringing all the language programs together in celebration. 

Five upper school girls showing off their galettes for the camera.In addition to enjoying the traditional treat, a group of lucky students found the hidden fèves that were baked into the galettes. The fève, a small trinket, when discovered, made the finder king or queen for the day! Thanks to French Academic Dean Olivier Monteil for bringing the fèves back to INTL all the way from France this year.

Out lucky queen for the day and her chosen partner all smiles after finding the feve.As a school, it is part of our foundation as a bilingual IB World School that our students learn about and celebrate different cultures and traditions. By participating in the celebration, our students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the culture and customs of the French people, which in turn fosters a greater appreciation of diversity and cultural differences. Our families are diverse and multicultural, with celebrations like Galette des Rois providing a way for them all to get involved in sharing their own traditions and experiences with one another. Celebrations that bring the entire INTL community together helps to broaden students’ perspectives and foster a more tolerant and inclusive society. 

Thanks to all who made the day possible, volunteering their time and energy, with a special thanks to our event chair Kate Elsley. Let's raise a slice of galette des rois to a fun-filled and culturally rich celebration!

A group of parent volunteers getting ready to serve the galettes.Become part of the INTL community by contacting admissions and signing up for a tour today. 

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