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Outstanding Gala Experiences by ISTP Teachers & Staff

Outstanding Gala Experiences by ISTP Teachers & Staff

Over the past consecutive weekends, a select group of teachers and staff orchestrated two unforgettable experiences for several very lucky auction lot winners. Our teachers spent the last five months collaborating, even before the Gala & Auction, planning and organizing what has now gone in the Gala history books as two of the most memorable experiences ever offered.

The Amazing Race: ISTP Edition, May 5th

With the help of ISTP parent Gary Meeker, who has a wealth of experience organizing races in the past, Lauren Christel and her team prepared challenges to put everyone's physical and mental skills to the test.

ISTP Amazing Race
"Stock Up": Racers bought materials required to construct key players in a chess game from our local Home Depot


 “Standing Tower of Lego”: The goal of the task was simple – build a tower of Lego matching the picture given. The catch, however, was only one teammate was allowed to touch the pieces and build the tower, but he or she was blindfolded! The other team member verbally guided the blindfolded teammate to the pieces.

 “Checkmate”: Racers built nine chess pieces and a board using the supplies they collected at Home Depot

The Amazing Race: ISTP Edition Winners, Kai Ju and Patty, checking in at the mat!

 The Amazing Race: ISTP Edition Contestants
ISTP Amazing Race
 Special thanks to the race team: Lauren Christel, Jacqueline Cody, Emily Warde, Aine McDermott, James Daly, Jessica Johnson, Maryam Shabani, Jeremy Johnson, Sylvie Jannonshields, Melanie Maynarich, HsiaoYu Chang, and Jean-François Merckling.

After the race, Véronique Merckling and her team of talented chefs, aka ISTP teachers, welcomed 
parents to an impressive multi-course wine-paired provençal dinner.

IMG_5663 (1)
 Provençal dinner menu with flowers arranged by Valérie Ribo

 Cheers! Creative menu printed on Amazing Race clue cards

 Kate Lussen and Roselyne Perron plating the petit francis provençaux made by Janine Batal-Hakim

Daube provençale cooked by Arnaud Cabanel

 Mathieu Farrugia and Clothilde Labrousse presented guests with their expertly crafted desserts: tarte au chocolate and entremet abricot lavande

Special thanks to the provençal dinner team for organizing a wonderful evening: Véronique Merckling, Corinne Butel, Arnaud Cabanel, Mathieu Farrugia, Janine Batal-Hakim, Clothilde Labrousse, Kate Lussen, Roselyne Perron, and Valérie Ribo.

As you can see from the photos, the experience was nothing short of amazing. View more photos here: The Amazing Race: ISTP Edition.

Casino Royale: Parents’ Night Off, May 12th

On Mother's Day weekend, a second group of teachers and staff led by Terry Chapman, Jenna Huckerby, Liz Evans, and Olivier Monteil, hosted a Casino Royale party for parents, while respective students had the time of their life at a Cohn Campus sleepover party.


Parents were treated to an evening of hors d'œuvres, specialty cocktails, wine, and casino games including poker, black jack, and roulette.



Guests with ISTP teachers and staff at the end of a wonderful night

Special thanks to the hosts, Wendy and Kian Wright, for opening up their home to guests, as well as the Casino Royale team: Terry Chapman, Jenna Huckerby, Chantal Aboulhouda, Corinne Butel, Cindy Chiang, Nancy McGinnis, Roselyne Perron, and Emily Warde.

While on Cohn Campus, students spent the night doing various activities with their favorite ISTP team. Prior to the sleepover, Liz and Olivier made sure all childcare needs were addressed and happily made accommodations where necessary.

 Hallway Bowling

Students making surprise Mother's Day cards in the MakerSpace

In a message 
to the parents, Olivier wrote, "All teachers participating sincerely enjoyed spending time with your children and doing fun activities with them. We were really impressed by their excellent behavior, fun personalities and self confidence spending the night away from home." 

Ms. Liz speaking with students before they enjoy a movie and popcorn

The tremendous amount of time and effort that went into these two wonderful experiences did not go overlooked. "We've been already super pleased with ISTP in general but this is all the more reason we love ISTP. It means a lot to know that people like you are around; the whole school has had such a positive impact in the life of our children," first grade parent Jacqueline Pham-Imran praised. View more photos of the party and sleepover here: Casino Royale: Parents' Night Off.

Thank You, Teachers & Staff!

Thank you to our wonderful teachers and staff, as well as our parents for their continued support of ISTP! We can't wait to see what's in store for next year's Gala & Auction! Mark your calendars for the 31st Annual Gala & Auction on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

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