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Parlez-Vous Français?

The challenges of assimilating into another culture, while still keeping true to your roots is the topic of the cabaret-concert performance this Thursday.

When we were given the opportunity to have Frédérick perform at INTL* (if you have never seen one of his shows, I highly recommend it! He is extremely talented!), I jumped at the chance. "Parlez-Vous Français" is an hour and a half show filled with songs (famous both in French pop culture as well as American), humor, fun, and delight.
He'll perform over 50 hit songs ("My Way", "Where Do I Begin", "What Now, My Love", etc.). This particular topic is perfect for our school community, regardless of whether or not you speak French. If you do not, he will have a screen behind him with subtitles, I hope to see you there.

Speaking of which, I noticed that we had a large number of non-INTL community members RSVP to the event, and not very many INTLcommunity members. I know that we sent home a "Save the Date" postcard, sent home a flier in the Friday backpack, posted posters across both campuses, had reminders on the weekly e-newsletter, and posted on the website in various areas. I welcome feedback as to how we can better promote these events to you.  Do not hesitate to email me or call me with your suggestions. If you intend on coming, please RSVP here. The cost is as follows:

$10 general admissions
$5 INTL community members
Free for INTL middle school students and faculty/staff

*In 2020, the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) formally changed its name to Silicon Valley International School (INTL) to better reflect its bilingual programs, location, and international values.

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